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Section 3: Introduction—True Informed Consent


Since the COVID vaccines first became available (in December 2020), they have been strongly encouraged for all who have been “eligible.” For many, COVID vaccination became mandatory. The goal has been to vaccinate the vast majority of the entire global population, including children as young as 6 months of age.

The COVID vaccines, especially the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines, represent experimental vaccines. Because they are experimental and have been incompletely studied, no adult should receive the vaccine without being fully informed of the risks and benefits (as best known at the time of vaccination) and without signing an “Informed Consent” Form.

Before a child may be vaccinated, the child’s parents must sign an Informed Consent form. Before parents grant their informed consent, the physician is obligated to make certain that the parents are fully informed about the risks and benefits of the proposed vaccination (as best known at the time). In order to fully inform parents, the physician must be fully informed in the first place. To help physicians become fully informed, the organizations that inform them and encourage them to vaccinate (CDC, NIH, WHO, etc.) are obligated to provide physicians with accurate, honest, scientifically sound information.

The most important elements of the informed consent process are an opportunity for parents to: ask questions about the risks and benefits of the vaccine; receive accurate answers to those questions; and receive additional information that will increase the likelihood of their consent being truly informed.

This Open Letter—Part III is intended to facilitate a properly conducted informed consent process. It lists questions that parents might want to ask their physicians. It also provides physicians with questions they might want to ponder, research, and consider discussing thoroughly with patients/parents (and, perhaps, with their trusted infectious disease specialists beforehand). Those physicians who have been too busy to do as much homework as they would like are referred to the websites, articles, references, and video presentations mentioned at the end of Part III.

In Part III (this document) I do my best to provide answers to the posed questions. Other physicians or scientists may have different answers to these questions. Please understand that I would much prefer to have these questions answered by a representative panel of physicians and scientists with exemplary expertise in immunology, virology, vaccinology, evolutionary biology, and epidemiology who would engage in thorough, respectful, scientific, video-archived dialogue about these questions. Parents and physicians could then view and listen to that dialogue and decide whose explanations make the most sense and whose recommendations seem wisest.

Unfortunately, healthy scientific dialogue between the scientists/physicians who promote the prevailing COVID narrative/mass vaccination campaign and scientists/physicians who question that narrative/mass vaccination campaign has not occurred, despite the efforts of people like Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche to arrange such dialogue.

You will note that I frequently mention Dr. Vanden Bossche in my answers. That is because I think his understanding of the COVID situation represents the deepest, broadest, most thoughtful, best informed, and most scientifically sound of any understanding I have come across. In my opinion, his voice has been the most important voice to consider during the course of the COVID pandemic

Note: The questions listed below are asked in the context of the COVID situation as of late June/early July 2022. However, it should be understood that the COVID situation is dynamic, ever-changing. Accordingly, answers to these question may be different in a few weeks or a few months from early July 2022. The questions, therefore, should be answered not only in the context of immediate COVID conditions but also with the thought in mind that a more virulent variant could emerge in the weeks or months ahead. Accordingly, the questions need to be answered both for the current COVID situation and for future COVID scenarios (such as the appearance of a more virulent variant)

For references, links, and more information, please see the REFERENCES and LINKS listed at the end of this document, as well as the 1078 references listed in the initial Open Letter. For medical illustrations (of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, its spike protein, the attachment of the spike protein to the ACE2 receptor on human cells, etc.) see APPENDIX OF MEDICAL ILLUSTRATIONS at the end of this document (between the AFTERWORD and the REFERENCES).