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A Tribute to All the “Quixotes” who have Challenged the COVID Mass Vaccination Campaign

A Tribute to All the “Quixotes” who have Challenged the Mass COVID Vaccination Campaign

Daumier’s Depictions of Don Quixote

Quixote: Thinking, questioning, worrying, connecting the dots

Sancho: sleeping

There is a North American view of Quixote and a Latin American view—the latter representing a more accurate interpretation of Cervantes’ message (in my opinion). 

In North America, Quixote is stereotypically viewed as a lovable, well-meaning person who is humorously out-of-touch with reality—a person who excessively believes in human goodness and, with paranoid zeal, foolishly tries (in predictable vain) to correct wrongs. 

In Latin America, Quixote is a symbol of people who, thankfully, are “crazy” enough to believe in human goodness, believe that correction of wrongs is possible, and believe in enthusiastically trying to create more Social Beauty.  In Latin America, it is deemed foolish and paranoid to not believe in human goodness, to not seek correction of wrongs, and to not try to create Social Beauty.

Sancho deeply admired and loyally followed Quixote.  He did not fully understand Quixote; he had reservations about Quixote’s actions and decisions; and he had difficulty keeping up with Quixote; but he intuitively recognized that there was something special, true, and important about Quixote.  

Those who have challenged the prevailing COVID narratives are “the Quixotes” of our time. The promoters of the prevailing COVID narrative and its mis-guided mass vaccination campaign are “the Sanchos” of our time—except to say, importantly, that Sancho at least appreciated Quixote and wisely followed him. Today’s “Sanchos” are not just lagging far behind the Quixotes, they are not bothering to follow Quixote at all. Cervantes’ Sancho was much wiser and admirable than the purveyors of the mass COVID vaccination campaign.

It is not Quixote who is “crazy.” It is the promoters of the prevailing COVID narrative who are confused and out of touch with reality.

The above painting and all the paintings that follow are the artwork of Honore Daumier (1808-1879), who was a contemporary and good friend of Victor Hugo. Both Daumier and Hugo deeply understood Human Nature, demonstrated great empathy for the human condition, and strove to create more Social Beauty. Daumier was the first artist to offer a visual depiction of how Quixote might have looked.

Thank goodness for the Quixotes!!

A person riding a horse

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Quixote: Riding resolutely forward;

Sancho: lagging far behind

A picture containing text, outdoor

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Quixote: Fearlessly charging into daunting, uncharted territory

Sancho: Afraid to follow

Quixote: Pushing forward

Sancho: Pushing backward

It’s getting late; the sun is setting, time is running out

Quixote: continues on

Sancho: catching up, but not fast enough

A person sitting in a chair

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Quixote: Taking a deep dive into the literature; relentlessly learning; marveling at the complexity; relaxed, comfortable, and confident; still thinking

To all* who have dared to challenge the mass COVID vaccination campaign,


*There is one “Quixote” who deserves special tribute—Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche. Geert possesses an extraordinarily deep understanding of the immunology, virology, vaccinology, molecular biology, and evolutionary biology involved in the COVID situation. In my opinion, his voice has been the most important, knowledgeable, scientifically sound, and altruistic of any of the scientists who have publicly shared their views on the COVID vaccination campaign. He has been undaunted in his tireless efforts to share his scientific concerns, which may be found on the following website: www.voiceforscienceandsolidarity.org

Rob Rennebohm, MD

Website: www.notesfromthesocialclinic.org

July 29, 2022

Let’s not forget the “art of Medicine”