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Section 4: Background—The Human Immune Ecosystem


The Genius and Delicacy of the Normal Human Immune System—A Marvelous Immune Ecosystem:

Before presenting the questions and responses to them, I would like to emphasize perhaps the most important concept for parents, citizens, physicians, and health officials to appreciate, regarding the human immune system—namely, the elegant, complex, multi-dimensional, collaborative approach of the immune ecosystem and how that compares to and is potentially disturbed by much narrower, less-collaborative, and less flexible COVID vaccine-induced immunity.

The Figure below provides an overview of the immune system, which can be divided into two major compartments, which work collaboratively—the mucosal immune system and the systemic immune system, each of which has an innate immunity division and an adaptive (acquired) immunity division. When a virus, like the SARS-CoV-2 virus, invades a person, the immune system potentially uses all of its dimensions—both its mucosal immune system and its systemic immune system—to quickly subdue the virus (initially by the innate immunity division in the mucosal compartment) and to create robust, trained innate immunity and as well as durable, virus-specific adaptive immunity (with memory) to protect the person from future invasion by that virus (and future variants of it).

The immune system is an ingeniously performing system that has developed and perfected its extraordinary, coordinated capacities over thousands of years. It is an extremely complex, efficient, collaborative system, with many checks and balances, finely tuned and orchestrated. I like to think of the immune system as an elegant immune ecosystem, just like the precious ecosystems in Nature. Just as ecosystems in Nature (forests, wetlands, prairies, lakes, and their living species) are complex, delicate, need to be respected, and must not be subjected to mis-guided tampering, the same is true with the human immune ecosystem.

Environmentalists and ecologists know, too well, how easily and disastrously Nature’s ecosystems can be damaged and disrupted by mis-guided tampering by those who erroneously think their interventions will only benefit and not cause harm. We (including pharmaceutical companies) need to treat the human immune ecosystem with the same respect and care that we need to treat environmental ecosystems.

For further details about how the immune system orchestrates protection against infection, please see An Open Letter to Parents and Pediatricians Regarding COVID Vaccination. This is the original Open Letter. It provides 1078 references:


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Naturally Acquired Immunity versus Vaccine-Created Immunity: Because of the elegant and ingenious complexity of the human immune system—its multi-faceted, multidisciplinary, multi-dimensional, comprehensive, collaborative approach; its diversity, division of labor, respect for and use of all aptitudes; its flexibility, adjustability, efficiency, wise checks and balances, feedback mechanisms and back up mechanisms; its ability to learn from experience; its on-going education; its practiced training and astonishing memory; and the fact that its capacities have been perfected over thousands of years—most immunologists, virologists, and vaccinologists agree that naturally acquired immunity is superior to vaccine-induced immunity, particularly when compared to COVID vaccine-induced immunity. There is a great amount of evidence that naturally acquired immunity to SARS-CoV-2 (SC-2, for short) is far superior to the immunity provided by the current COVID vaccines. [See references 18—163 in the original Open Letter] This, in great part, is because the human immune system approaches the virus in a comprehensive multi-dimensional way, starting with a rapid and effective response by the innate immunity division (also called the innate immune system) of the mucosal immune system in the respiratory tract.

In comparison, the COVID vaccines are uni-dimensional, exclusionary, and interfere with proper education and practice of the innate immunity division, particularly in young children. (See Question 4). The COVID vaccines are focused almost exclusively on production of antibodies and, even then, only on antibodies to the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, not on other components of the virus. They exclusively train the systemic compartment of the immune system, not the mucosal compartment. They focus on training the adaptive immune division, not the innate immune division. They focus on training only part of the adaptive immunity division of the systemic compartment—the part that produces antibody against the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

As we will discuss later (Question 4), the COVID vaccines, by blocking and sidelining normal activities of the innate immune system, actually interfere with the necessary education, practice, and experience of the innate immune system—and this renders COVID-vaccinated people less able to handle virus infections in general and predisposes such people to autoimmunity. Furthermore, the COVID vaccines prime/program our immune system to repeatedly react in a narrow, inflexible, exclusionary way that becomes outdated when new variants appear.

It is a shame that the COVID vaccines do not focus on training and giving practice to the mucosal immune system (particularly the innate immunity division of the mucosal immune system), because the SARS-CoV-2 virus enters the body through the respiratory tract (and possibly through the GI tract) and often never penetrates into the systemic compartment—thanks to the mucosal immune system’s ability to usually contain the virus within the respiratory tract. If the COVID vaccines were capable of fully training and mobilizing the mucosal immune system, they would be much more effective than they are. The main offering of the COVID vaccines is partial training of the systemic immune system, so that it (the systemic immune system) can respond if the mucosal immune system fails to contain the virus within the respiratory tract and the virus invades the systemic compartment. Even when that penetration does occur, the multi-dimensional approach of the natural systemic immune system is much more effective than the uni-dimensional (anti-spike protein antibody-based) response that the COVID vaccine teaches.

Furthermore, as will be discussed in the response to Question 1, the COVID vaccines are sub-optimal (non-sterilizing) vaccines—meaning that they do not fully prevent virus from infecting our cells, and they do not prevent transmission of the virus from one person to another. Optimal (sterilizing) vaccines adequately contain infection and prevent transmission.

Bottom line: The COVID vaccines are harmfully disturbing and disrupting the normal immune ecosystem and are particularly harmful when given to young children. That is why it is so important to appreciate the complexity and delicate balances within the natural immune ecosystem and avoid mis-guided tampering with it. For more information about disturbance of innate immunity and natural antibodies by COVID vaccination, see Dr. Vanden Bossche’s video interviews, either by clicking on the Vanden Bossche LINKS at the end of the initial Open Letter (LINKS A-I and O), or by clicking on the following website: https://www.voiceforscienceandsolidarity.org/

Also, “An Interview with the Human Immune System” may be found at this link: https://notesfromthesocialclinic.org/interview-with-the-human-immune-system/

With the above appreciation of the immune ecosystem in mind, let’s move onto the questions:

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